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The mission of our organization is to provide utmost satisfaction to the consumers through superior quality and customer care. We don’t only produce the best quality at the lowest cost but we also keep upgrading the products through innovations and new technologies.

We are determined to safeguard and enhance the value of our shareholders and employees. At the same time, we utilize the surpluses for the welfare of the employees and society at large.


The vision of our organization is to become the fastest growing and the most comprehensive steel company in the nation. Moreover, constantly developing he skills of our employees and fostering team work for the development of our country. We believe that together, we can achieve a new phase of globalization therefore we keep ourselves involved in the welfare of the community through women and child education, providing employment to the needy and a cleaner environment.

Last but not the least, in the long run we want to be respected for high integrity and value as we truly believe that ‘Quality is the soul of a product and should not be compromised at any cost’.

Super Shakti, established in the year 1995 by Super Smelters Ltd., is a renowned brand in iron and steel manufacturing industry. We distribute and deliver products in various states with quick and speedy response to changing marketing needs. Please check the details for the dealers present at the respective states.

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