Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is “SUPER SHAKTI” ?

“SUPER SHAKTI” is the brand name of Super Smelters Limited. It is one of the most renowned brand in iron and steel industries.

2) What is TMT?

TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanical Treatment. A process that is far superior than the conventional manufacturing process.

3) What sizes is Supershakti available in?

Follow our product menu for product specifications.

4) Where can I get Supershakti ?

Supershakti is sold through a country wide distribution network. Please contact your local dealer or contact us.

5) What is the difference between Supershakti TMT and any other rebar in the market?

Supershakti is the only rebar in the market today that provides consistent mechanical and chemical properties, rebar after rebar. This is because Supershakti is manufactured from virgin steel (made form Super Shakti's own mines) and rolled with superior technology and strict discipline. Strong quality control, ensures that each rebar that reflects the trust and quality that the Super Shakti name commands.

6) How do I know if I am buying a genuine Supershakti rebar?

Every Supershakti rebar carries the name "Supershakti" on it, embossed in clear 1 mt. Intervals. Also look for the authorised dealer/distributor certificate, before you buy Supershakti from any shop.

7) Do you have any literature on Supershakti ?

We have a detailed product brochure and hand outs, which explain Supershakti and its attributes in simple terms. Download

8) How will it be delivered to me?

Supershakti comes in easy to handle/transport bundles, of standardized weight and fixed number of bars per bundle.

9) Do you manufacture CTD/structurals?

Supershakti is manufacturing a basket of products which contains TMT, Wire Rods, HR Coils, Pipes, Ferro Alloys etc. We are in process of setting up a plant for CTD/Structural as well.